Coaching Foundations

“Coaching is not merely a technique to be wheeled out and rigidly applied in certain prescribed circumstances. It is a way of managing, a way of leading, a way of treating people, a way of thinking, a way of being.”

~ John Whitmore, Coaching for Performance

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Imagine a world where individuals thrive, where their potential is discovered and nurtured and their purpose and passion is expressed through their contributions. Now imagine yourself as the one who can have this impact on individuals, whether they are contributing to the success of an organization or they are engaging in the world. A key to your success in understanding and helping others is a grounding in coaching – having the skills to meet people where they are and facilitate their learning and growth process, to enable them to reach their fullest potential.

Coaching is a way of being and leading that assists others to see themselves beyond their self-limiting beliefs, cultivate their creative capacity and build confidence, capacity, and autonomy. In organizations, leaders who embrace and integrate coaching into their leadership approach, help themselves and their people unleash their gifts and greatest capabilities.

This coach training program is for those who wish to make that kind of impact. It starts with you – your self-awareness and your purpose – a person wanting to make a difference in the lives of others. It assists you to understand when and how to use coaching to achieve that purpose. You will learn coaching models, processes, and techniques. In addition, you will be able to articulate the role of coaching in your own leadership practice and increase your coaching mastery and impact, in your personal and professional areas of life.

Course Audience

This course is specifically designed for:

  • Those embarking on their journey toward coaching.
  • Those who have had previous coaching exposure and are looking to formalize and/or refresh their foundational coaching experience.
  • Those in positions of leadership who are ready to drastically transform the way they lead their people, teams, and organizations.

Course Description

Coaching is a skill that is developed over time. Mastery of these skills requires an iterative learning loop of theory, practice, and feedback. The program length and format provide you with enough time to increase your knowledge and then build your skills through live coaching practice and feedback from other participants and the program facilitator. Self-awareness and skill development are accelerated and deepened through this approach.

This course blends theory, practice and highly experiential activities, through:

  • Facilitated online interactive sessions (using Zoom) that introduce content and practice of foundational coaching skills.
  • Real-life coaching practice with course participants.
  • Ongoing real-time faculty feedback on coaching performance.
  • Real-life coaching practice with external coaching clients.
  • Private and confidential online learning environment, with resources and online dialogues.
  • An iterative and incremental learning process that blends theory and practice of foundational coaching skills.
  • Independent suggested reading.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Gain a deep theoretical and practical understanding of what coaching is (and what it is not), its diverse applications, and how it contributes to your personal and professional awareness and performance.
  • Learn to create and maintain effective coaching relationships.
  • Gain theoretical and solid practical knowledge in applying an impactful coaching framework.
  • Develop and strengthen foundational and essential coaching-related skills.
  • Gain deeper self-awareness to see yourself and the world around you more clearly and objectively.
  • Learn the elements of creating and holding a safe container that fosters the trust needed for impactful and transformative learning and growth.
  • Understand the role of coaching in leadership and how it relates to your purpose as a leader.
  • Increase your self-awareness and emotional intelligence as it relates to leadership presence and develop mental models and behaviours that are necessary for coaching.
  • Be able to apply coaching skills in your leadership and management roles.
  • Gain the required knowledge and experience in the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.

Dates and Price

LIVE SESSIONS*: TBD (Eight consecutive weeks)
  *All sessions are virtual, last two hours, and are recorded for later review.
Approved for ?? ICF CCE Units.
Language Used in the Program: English
Register for Coaching Foundations Course


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Course Facilitator

Simon Goland, Ph.D., PCC, is passionate about awakening and unleashing our human spirit. He believes in liberating our gifts, skills, capacities, and our creative spark, in order to transform the ways we engage with the world. Through his dynamic, engaging, experiential, and transformative work, Simon helps individuals increase their self-awareness, own and harness their gifts and passions, and step into a full self-expression of their hearts and souls, in their professional and personal lives. He coaches, facilitates, teaches, and leads retreats, both locally and internationally, face-to-face and virtually, bringing all his joy, passion, commitment, and experience into this work. For more information about Simon, please visit

To learn more about this program please send an email to or call 415-215-9415.

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