ICF Mentor Coaching: Moving Toward Mastery –
Up the Ante on Your Coaching Skills and Growth

INSTRUCTOR: Simon Goland
DATES & TIMES: 10 hours to be individually scheduled over a three-month period as required by ICF.
All sessions are virtual.
PROGRAM COST: For individuals, a 10 session Mentor Coaching process costs $2250. If interested, click the REGISTER button below. For groups of at least three participants, a 10 session Mentor Coaching process (7 group sessions and 3 individual sessions) is offered at a reduced rate of $1700 per participant. If interested, please send an email to



Break out of habitual coaching patterns, courageously walk the gritty, yet transformative path, trust your inner knowing and coach to your client’s magnificence.

Join Simon Goland for 10 virtual sessions of Mentor coaching for continued development of core coaching competencies. Whether you are a new coach or desire to renew your ICF coaching credentials (ACC or PCC) these sessions will meet the requirements of ICF and will be co-designed to assess focus. Sessions will include client/ coach role play, client recordings and feedback, and shadow coaching (when feasible).

What to expect from Mentor Coaching:

  • Recognize your coaching strengths and consciously use them
  • Discover unconscious habits that affect your coaching presence and results
  • Find out what biases you hold and how to work with them
  • Increase capacity for accessing your inner knowing and intelligence and the client’s
  • Become more attuned to your client’s transformational path
  • Skillfully work with somatic and emotional intelligence
  • Trust and attune to your client’s innate depth and desire to grow
  • Letter of Completion you can share with ICF when done

What to expect from Simon:

  • Appreciative honest feedback
  • Recognition and acknowledgment of natural capacities and coaching style
  • Coaching practice that opens up new coaching abilities based on foundational shifts in understanding and experience of self as coach
  • Accountability
  • To be challenged!

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