Finding Freedom in Relationships Using Object Relations and the Enneagram (Part Two)

INSTRUCTOR: Belinda Gore
DATES*:  Thursdays March 7 thru April 18, 2024
TIMES*: 8:30am – 10:00am PDT
     *All sessions are virtual, last 1.5 hours, and are recorded for later review.
Approved for 10.5 ICF CCE Units.
Language Used in the Course: English



Join Belinda Gore for a seven-week advanced virtual course in Object Relations. Part Two offers an opportunity to extend your learning to include practical exercises for using the theory of Object Relations and the Enneagram to deepen and liberate relationships.

Following are the key topics we will cover:

  • Understanding the characteristic emotional strategies of the nine Enneagram types, known as Passions, in terms of Object Relations patterns.
  • Discovering the intelligence behind the instincts and passions of each type, based on Object Relations patterns, to embody healthy autonomy.
  • How to recognize when a pattern is activated.
  • Learning to hold the tension of the pattern – learning to ALLOW the activation without acting on it.
  • Working with disorientation that may occur when deeply embedded patterns diminish to create new ways to respond to others and find greater joy in relationships.

NOTE: If you have participated in an earlier version of Object Relations and the Enneagram Part Two, you are eligible to receive a 50% discount on the program cost when you retake the course. Belinda continues to develop new material, making it worthwhile to participate in this course again. If you would like your Alumni Discount Code, please send an email to: info@deepcoachinginstitute.com

Participation in Object Relations and the Enneagram Part One is a requirement for participation in this course. If you have questions please send an email to: info@deepcoachinginstitute.com.

Approved for 10.5 ICF CCE Units.

Testimonials from Participants

Thank you Belinda for this remarkable course on Object Relations and the Enneagram Part II. I enjoyed each and every class including the exercises (which I don't always like very much). I deepened my own connection to myself and my knowledge about how to better support coaching clients in their personal development! Bravo!
I am benefitting personally and professionally from the very insightful distinctions presented in these courses. Brenda’s modeling of open presence, calm mastery, abiding curiosity, compassionate witnessing and sweet sense of humor supported our class in safely exploring together complexities of being human.
Ann Cheng Life Coach
Belinda is an excellent facilitator! She has a deep understanding of the material. She communicates clearly, and provides targeted breakout sessions and group discussions to support participants' personal growth and insight to how to use the material with clients.
Belinda is a wonderful, clear, organized presenter of fairly complicated material. Her mastery of the material and easy-going way provide a good learning environment. Highly recommend!
Mary Jane Kistler Spiritual Director
Belinda does such an excellent job bringing complex material alive.
For such a 'simple' instrument to take, extremely powerful results are possible for self development and positive insights and practices into developing our relationships with others.
I really enjoy learning from Belinda. She is clear and masterful with the material, and I really appreciate her warmth. This subject is very deep and is the kind of stuff that one needs to sit with for an extended period. I feel that this course has been the perfect springboard for that prolonged work.
I really enjoy learning from Belinda. She is clear and masterful with the material, and I really appreciate her warmth. This subject is very deep and is the kind of
stuff that one needs to sit with for an extended period. I feel that this course has been the perfect springboard for that prolonged work.
I have loved the Object Relations courses with Belinda from start to end. Belinda is clearly passionate and very knowledgeable in this area and she teaches with such compassion and patience. I have learned so much about myself and my relationships through these courses for which I am truly grateful.
Belinda's Object Relations Part II class was a fine example of heartful, depth, quality and relevancy to the immediacy of our lives that characterizes DCI instruction.
The opportunity to dive deeper into the Dominant Affects, both for myself and on behalf of clients, was greatly appreciated. Stepping back and looking at how to develop inquiry exercises to work directly with object relations was powerful and instructive. As a result of this course I have been able to create some elegant and gentle exercises to help clients gain an understanding of how deep these patterns run and how much they influence all areas of their life.
I always feel so privileged to be a pupil of Belinda. Her clear concise way of communicating is powerful.
The Object Relations Part II course dove much deeper into the patterns. Belinda provided very useful tools I can use to work with clients in more profound ways.
I have been a devoted student of the Enneagram for several years and have completed many of the trainings at the Enneagram Institute. I recently completed DCI's virtual Courses Object Relations and the Enneagram Parts I and II. I wasn’t aware of how much I was missing. Coming to understand this material filled in so many gaps for me. This is a fascinating, eye opening topic. The instructor, Belinda Gore, knows her subject thoroughly and is an organized, open, warm and splendid teacher. I give these courses my very highest recommendations.
Melissa Sweet
Wow! This course, taught so clearly and with such wholeheartedness by Belinda Gore, guided me to a new and deeper level of appreciation for the impact of early childhood experience on adult relationships; how we can so instantaneously and so unconsciously react from old learned patterns of behavior. Bringing light into this ‘dark’ area of conscience was extremely helpful in seeing where my behaviors are rooted and giving me the opportunity for positive change. Brava!
Karen Van Zino

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