Professional Development Offerings

Object Relations Professional Supervision
Object Relations Professional Supervision is a Professional Development Offering for past students of Object Relations and the Enneagram Parts One and Two. The focus of the offering is to help coaches apply the material explored in the two Object Relations courses in their coaching work. Small group size (four to six students) will facilitate deeper learning of practical skills.
Meetings will be held monthly for four consecutive months with the dates chosen by participants. Meeting sessions will last 2.5 hours. The group format includes everyone sending a summary of their questions or issues a few days before the group session. During each group session participants will receive an equal amount of time to work with the material. There will be some teaching,  breakouts where participants work with each other to practice new skills, and plenty of time for Q&A.
If you have questions, please send an email to:
INSTRUCTOR: Belinda Gore
DATES (All 2022):  January 20, February 17, March 17, April 21
Each virtual session starts at 11:30AM PDT and lasts 2.5 hours.
Professional Development Series
The Professional Development Series (PDS) is an advanced course for DCC graduates to further explore the often subtle and intricate dynamics of coaching as practitioners of an Enneagram-Based Approach to the Practice of Presence. Participants have the opportunity to refine their understanding and use of the Enneagram to enhance their Deep Coaching skills. Offered in a small group (4 to 6 participants), each participant will coach and be coached, receiving feedback from peers and the supervising faculty member. Some DCI meta-teaching will also be reviewed.
Because of the small group and intimate nature of these courses, those graduates interested in registering are committing to attending each session (unless there is an emergency). Each series will meet monthly for three to four consecutive months. Each meeting will last 2.5 hours. Meeting dates are determined by the participants.
If you have questions, please send an email to:
INSTRUCTOR: Belinda Gore
DATES:  TBD [The Winter 2022 PDS is closed to new students. Dates will be posted in December 2021]
Each virtual session starts at TBD PDT and lasts 2.5 hours.




As graduates of the Deep Coaching Certification program or Alumni of specific Enneagram Learning Series courses, you will continue to learn and grow as coaches. To support you as practitioners using the Enneagram and the Deep Coaching model for Coaching to Presence, DCI will have Professional Development Offerings available. Each Offering will last three or four months and consist of monthly two and a half hour sessions facilitated by a Faculty member. Throughout each Offering you will: 1) refine your understanding and use of the Enneagram to enhance your Deep Coaching skills, 2) address questions and issues that arise in your own coaching practice, and 3) learn relative content from the Faculty member. In each session, you will coach and be coached, receiving feedback from peers and faculty.

Each Offering is limited to six participants. Because the groups are small, it is important for members to commit to attending each session unless there is an emergency. Group session meeting dates will be set by group members.

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