An Introduction to Deep Coaching:  Experience Our Enneagram-Based Approach to Coaching for Transformational Change

INSTRUCTOR: Terri Lieberman
DATES*: Wednesdays January 10 thru February 21, 2024
TIMES*: 8:30 – 10:30AM PST (11:30AM – 1:30PM EST)
*All sessions are virtual, last 2.0 hours, and are recorded for later review.
Approved for 12 ICF CCE Units (10.0 Core, 2.0 Resource Development)
Price: $325
Language Used in the Course: English
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We’ve added three two-hour sessions to the Introduction to Deep Coaching Course. These sessions are designed to give Enneagram students a working knowledge of the Arrows or Access Points that make up the dynamic growth patterns of each Type (See details below).
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Curious about Deep Coaching? Take a seven-week virtual dive into the heart of coaching. Get a taste of the wisdom within the Enneagram and experience the power of embodied coaching presence.

Join DCI Faculty for a virtual interactive course and learn how to coach by accessing the clients’ embodied intelligence. Learning will take place through exercises, recorded interviews of DCI-trained coaches talking about the coaching implications of their Enneatype, practice, dialogue and demonstrations. This course provides coaches, and others in the growth professions, with remarkable insight into the inner experience of their clients and more importantly themselves. When we begin to understand what is beyond specific personality patterns, we see and coach to the highest potential of each person.

Through this course you will:
• Be introduced to all Nine Enneagram Types as a means of understanding human nature
• Discover personal gifts and challenges relative to your counseling and professional skills
• Develop compassion and appreciation for a person’s individual processes and perceptions
• Identify one or two specific actions that will enhance your abilities to serve your families and those who work with you
• Learn to utilize full embodied intelligence
This course is designed for people wanting to better understand themselves, and others, to enhance personal and professional relationships.

Approved for 12 ICF CCE Units.


We’ve added three two-hour sessions to the Introduction to Deep Coaching Course. These sessions are designed to give Enneagram students a working knowledge of the Arrows or Access Points that make up the dynamic growth patterns of each Type. DCI’s unique approach to the Access Points will be introduced and explored. In each Session we will delve into three Types and their unique growth opportunities through facilitated dialogue and individual and group experiences. Participants will appreciate the power of integrating the Access Points into their Enneagram work. This work will also bring a new sense of compassion and understanding of how stress affects our clients and the unique capacities that are available during challenging times.

DATES: Wednesdays, February 28 through March 13, 2024

TIMES*: 8:30 – 10:30AM PST (11:30AM – 1:30PM EST)

*All sessions are virtual, last 2.0 hours, and are recorded for later review.

COST: $150 (if purchased separate from Intro Course)

Approved for 6 ICF CCE Units.

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Testimonials from Participants

Even though I have used the Enneagram since 1997, professionally and personally, as a coach, the Deep Coaching approach was so rich and useful to me. Thank you.
Kathleen Executive & Leadership Coach
Having an interest in deepening my learning about the Enneagram with respect to better understanding myself/others, exploring coaching implications for each type preference & being able to hear from/ask questions of other types in the learning cohort provided a very enriching experience for me.
Jeanie Paterson, Executive & Leadership Coach
I learned so much from this wonderful class on coaching with the Enneagram. The way the instructors masterfully shared their knowledge and the excellent written materials provided created a class that I highly recommend. As a result of their workshop, I now have all of my clients identify their Enneagram Type via assessment, and I incorporate the Enneagram into our ongoing coaching.
Dina Silver, MCC, Santa Monica
The Introduction to Deep Coaching course provided a very valuable introduction to using the Enneagram in coaching. I feel that I gained valuable insights throughout the course. Although the course was virtual, the instructors built in several interactive activities and made valuable resources available outside of class.
Peter Brouwer, Professor
I loved the Introduction to Deep Coach Training. Instructors are knowledgeable and generous in their teaching styles and they created a safe and authentic container for exploration and growth.
Ann Program Manager
I highly recommend DCI's Introduction to Deep Coaching course as a practical and spiritual resource for coaches looking to deepen their practice and experience with their clients. This course delivers powerful insights along with tools to help coaches support their clients personal and somatic intelligence. The facilitators provide different perspectives and appreciation of each Enneagram type in a style that flows gently, yet powerfully.

I highly recommend this course for anyone desiring to build greater capacity and depth inside themselves, their relationship and their coaching engagements.

Debra Valle, MCC, Los Angeles
Intro to Deep Coaching is well worth the time and money. The facilitators created a safe place to explore the idea of coaching. They have packed in lots of information and didn't waste a minute of our time but I also didn't feel rushed. My appreciation of the enneagram deepened during this course and I am excited about starting the program.
Initially, I was a bit skeptical of the Enneagram and unsure how it would be utilized in my coaching practice. After this wonderful course, I feel more confident in my understanding of the possibilities to incorporate the Enneagram in my coaching practice. I also feel stronger in my own personal journey with my dominant lens.
Jackie Sergi
The Introduction to Deep Coaching is a wonderful, interactive experience that helps participants get a taste, and a better understanding of each Enneagram type. As a newcomer to the Enneagram and the coaching world, I felt that it was great preparation the Deep Coaching Certification Program.
Ellen C. Faulhaber, CGEI, CPT
The Deep Coaching Introduction course was a personal and thorough look at each type in the Enneagram. Each number was analyzed from the perspective of the coach and person. Whether you are new to the Enneagram or want to continue your learning, the intro course is great!
Julia Carrington
The Introduction to Deep Coaching class provides a range of insights to working with The Enneagram to better understanding coaching clients. The masterful facilitators led conversations that helped me identify new and highly effective coaching strategies. This lens is very powerful in terms of stepping outside my own world view.
Sally Colella

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