Finding Freedom in Relationships Using Object Relations and the Enneagram (Part One)

INSTRUCTOR: Belinda Gore
DATES*: Thursdays October 10 thru November 21, 2024
TIMES*: 8:30 – 10:00AM PDT (11:30AM – 1:00PM EDT)
     *All sessions are virtual, last 1.5 hours, and are recorded for later review.
Approved for 10.5 ICF CCE Units (7.0 Core, 3.5 Resource Development)
Language Used in the Course: English



You don’t want to miss Belinda Gore’s live virtual course on Relationships, Object Relations and the Enneagram. This is a powerful seven-week course on how to liberate your relationships using a deep understanding of the interplay among profound factors impacting the development of personality.

Belinda’s book, “Finding Freedom: Understanding Our Relationships Using Object Relations and the Enneagram“, is the textbook for the course. It is based on the three-part course she has been teaching for over a decade, looking at how we become reactive when current relationships trigger old patterns.

Over seven weeks, you will learn how three Primary Objects and three Dominant Affects form a 3 x 3 matrix to explain the underlying structure of each of the nine Enneagram types. Experiential exercises with fellow students, using virtual breakout rooms, give you the opportunity to have a direct experience of this rich material. We will also focus on how to guide others in getting free of constricting patterns and how to have healthier and more rewarding relationships.

Following are the key topics we will cover:

  • An understanding of fundamental Object Relations theory.
  • How the nine Enneagram types reveal the three patterns of dominant affect and the three primary Objects in the world of the infant when early relationship dynamics are forming.
  • How to recognize each pattern first in ourselves, then in others.
  • Tools for engaging each pattern and, through awareness, releasing the ways we tend to project them onto others.
  • How to support the process of healing relationships through learning to make authentic connections.

To get the most out of this course, we recommend that you have some knowledge of the Enneagram, through workshops, personal work, and reading.

Approved for 10.5 ICF CCE Units.

Testimonials from Participants

This is a really well-executed course on an interesting, not very well known aspect of the Enneagram. It feels like very important material and I am looking forward to seeing how the Instincts play into things is Part 2.
I am grateful for the opportunity to take this course last fall and now again this spring. Both times I found Belinda's presence as well as her mastery of the material offered deep insights
and powerful distinctions, encouraging me to be even more curious about -and compassionate with - my clients as well as myself. Thank you.
Ann Cheng Life Coach
Belinda Gore is so artful in her presentation of Object Relations and the Enneagram. From neuroscience to coaching questions, Belinda builds bridges and offers her students an unparalleled experience: one that feels rich with information, and straightforward and presented with a sense of ease.
It is clear that Belinda is well versed in this material. She presents the sessions and material in a relaxed and solid fashion. The pace was good and easy to follow.
Anne Gillis
A very informative and structured way of learning about the Enneagram, it's brought a considerable depth of understanding to my tool box, and I also learned more about my own enneatype which has been exciting. A great course I can warmly recommend.
Helena Alder Integral Master Coach
I was not aware of the complexity of Object Relations before taking this course. It added so much to my several years of Enneagram trainings. It was as though Belinda turned on a light in both my attic and my basement and removed cobwebs I didn’t know existed. Belinda is a fabulous teacher and provided us with an excellent outline of the material before each session. I’m most grateful.
Belinda teaches with crystalline clarity and is able to bring an immense quantity of material into a well-organized and impactful order. I will eagerly participate in future courses that she teaches.
This class is rich in theory and has the best written material I have seen on this topic. If you are an Enneagram enthusiast, a certified coach or a therapist, or just someone committed to your own development, and are curious to work more deeply with Object Relations, I highly and wholeheartedly recommend this course. It’s a powerful tool for sharpening the Self as an instrument of change. I think all healers would benefit from taking this course.
This course gave me an other perspective and a very deep understanding of the underlying layers of each type.
Belinda's knowledge and ability to present this material with such compassion and understanding are a testament to her own personal growth and presence. Her ability to teach such sensitive material with patience kindness and a wonderful use of language made this a great experience.
The course is rich in content but more importantly it taught me how to apply it in my personal life and in my professional life as a coach. Thank you Belinda!
The Object Relations course provided highly applicable information that will allow me to take my coaching to the next level. This is a must take course for master coaches!
My primary motivation in signing up for this excellent course was to gain a better understanding of what might be going on with my clients during sessions. How was their relationship to me affecting their work. The course certainly met that objective. What I hadn't anticipated was how much I personally benefited from the material and the exercises. I have a much clearer understanding of how my own pattern of 'rejecting' is affecting all areas of my life. Belinda delivered the course with humor, pace and compassion.
I highly recommend this virtual course! I took it a few months ago and finally feel like I’ve got a grasp on Object Relation Theory, which is at the basis for SO many of our patterns in relationships. Belinda Gore is a skilled and sensitive facilitator who really knows her stuff.
The complex material was clearly presented and well supported by examples and discussion. I was able to incorporate the understanding of the three fundamental affects directly and practically into my coaching practice.
This course is a soul-moving adventure into self and others from an entirely different lens and depth.
This course feels like 'A Must' both personally and professionally. It's enlightening to see and realize the power of this major under-current affecting our interactions every day. It opened my eyes to another level of self-awareness, compassion, and insight toward healthier relationships and greater appreciation of the subtle levels at work within all of us.
Belinda's course on Object Relations is core to understanding what keeps us ensnared in repetitive and reactive patterns in relationships. This work is the drilling down I've been looking for. Belinda takes a positive and practical approach to resolving internally painful habits and distortions. I highly recommend this coursework to anyone looking to dig deeper!
I recommend Belinda's work to everyone I know doing intensive Enneagram work. And it should be required of any teacher, therapist or coach guiding others in use of the Enneagram. The object relations work has been instrumental in my own inner work and I am deeply grateful to Belinda for her synthesizing mind and creativity in designing the experiential components of the class. I look forward to Level II.
I highly recommend this course to all who want to explore the object relation work with the Enneagram. Belinda Gore is a well-prepared presenter who inspires all to participate and learn more.
The Object Relations and the Enneagram course has helped me more quickly recognize and understand unhelpful thought patterns and behavior in myself and clients.
I highly recommend Belinda Gore’s Object Relations class for Enneagram Enthusiasts who want to go deeper, especially for anyone interested in teaching the Enneagram or using it in a coaching session. This is an invaluable resource, brilliant synthesis, and is very useful for relationships and personal growth.
Belinda helps you feel invested right from the start. I found the way she presented to be very effective. She draws you in right away to the compelling material, but
moreso, her compassion seems to compliment her considerable expertise. Thank you. Cannot wait for part two!
Belinda's grasp of the material is exquisite. Her teaching style and attention to detail, both in lecture and the materials, make this course a delight. I truly learned a lot of this ground-breaking material.

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