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Professionals come to the Deep Coaching Institute (DCI) understanding their path to helping clients runs through their own development. We create a container that allows coaches, learning and development professionals, team leaders, spiritual directors, and others to experience their own development so they can facilitate meaningful change in those they counsel. We highlight attuning to the body and finding deep acceptance for what is unfolding in the present moment.

True Change-Makers seek out DCI’s Certified Enneagram-Based training to develop the capacities needed to work with those wanting to go through deep transformation. Our ICF Certified programs are specially tailored for Enneagram Coach Training, Executive Coach Training, Leadership Coach Training, and Life Coach Training.

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Curious about Deep Coaching? Get a taste of the wisdom within the Enneagram and experience the power of embodied coaching presence … 

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Expand your capacity for heart, mind and body connection with yourself and your clients through our ten-month certification program …

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Trauma Awareness In Coaching aims to help you become more sensitive to trauma, whether in yourself or in your client and to help you realize that trauma…

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Join Belinda Gore for this powerful seven-week course on how to use Object Relations and the Enneagram to liberate relationship patterns …

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Today’s agile organizations need leaders who can create environments that foster collective wisdom, innovation, belonging and connection…

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Break out of habitual coaching patterns, courageously walk the gritty, yet transformative path, trust your inner knowing and coach to …

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DCI Community Video Testimonial

Read what our community is saying:

This program combines a deep compassion for the human experience with tools and practices to alleviate the suffering of our clients. In the safe, loving container created by the instructors, I found that my own healing took place while my skills and confidence grew. Simply life changing.
Lauren Streb
Deep sustainable change. That’s what I was looking for when I discovered the Deep Coaching Certified program. It was an added bonus for me that this program specialized in the Enneagram as it was one of the tools that had already changed my life. The Deep Coaching program not only enhanced my skills as a coach but it taught me how to truly be intimate with myself, and with others.
Susana Fiona
Though previously aware of the Enneagram and presence-based work, the DCI experience markedly increased my access to the innate, dynamic wisdom of the three centers of intelligence – head, heart, belly. My capacity for presence and thus realization of my heart’s longing for inner experience of full, abundant life has been greatly enhanced. This embodied awareness and understanding significantly empowers me in my coaching work.
Samuel Schindler

Information Call With Faculty

DCI faculty and graduates host a regular call for individuals interested in learning more about DCI and the Deep Coaching Certification program (DCC). These calls are designed to let you hear about the rich benefits of the DCC program from faculty who teach it, and from students of recent cohorts. You will have ample opportunities to ask questions. Please click the link below to register for our next call.

Please click the link below to register for our next call:

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