Devon Carter


Brian Mitchell-Walker


Somatic Awareness and the Enneagram

INSTRUCTORS: Devon Carter and Brian Mitchell-Walker
DATES: Mondays from October 18 thru November 22, 2021
TIMES: 5:00 – 7:00 PM PDT
All sessions are virtual, last 2.0 hours and are recorded for later review.
Approved for 12 ICF CCE Units.



Join Devon Carter and Brian Mitchell-Walker for a six-week course in Somatic Awareness and the Enneagram – Discover tools that build access to the wisdom of the body, develop sensory descriptive language and increase your capacity for an embodied experience of Presence.

Through this virtual course you will:

  • Identify embodied sensory experiences and enhance your ability to express these experiences to another through language, motion and sound.
  • Create embodied wisdom through exploring patterns in sensory reactions that limit our responses.
  • Deepen understanding of Instinctual Variants, and sensory imbalance of centers
  • Develop the ability to connect your kinesthetic self awareness with the kinesthetic awareness of a client both face-to-face and at a distance (Kinesthetic Linking).

This course is designed for people experienced in the growth professions including: executive coaches, life coaches, organizational consultants, therapists and spiritual directors.

Approved for 12 ICF CCE Units.

Testimonials from Participants

This brilliant course was as much a personal as it was a professional journey for me. It helped me plumb new depths of somatic awareness that could not have come at a better time in my life. A faultless course providing a clearer path to immense inner wisdom and personal integrity.
Mark Drax Addiction Recovery Coach
Devon and Brian bring tremendous depth to the somatic awareness discussion and helped me expand not only my own sensory capabilities but also the sensory capabilities of my clients. I highly recommend their course if you want to expand your skillset.
Karin Wellbrock Partner Kay Group
This course is so important for heady people like me who have the tendency to approach coaching/therapy from the role of ``problem-solver``. The facilitators, lessons, homework, recordings, and in-class practice sessions have forever changed my offerings to clients. I, and now they, have never had so many emotional breakthroughs.
Mark Drax Addiction Recovery Coach
I really enjoyed the class with Brian and Devon. They are terrific. It is one of the most useful classes I have ever taken. They did a fantastic job of organizing the class and keeping us in the experience of the work. Truly amazing for a virtual program.
Sally Colella
Wonderful class! Brian & Devon were incredibly sensitive and gracious instructors. I can't wait for a ``Level 2`` course in the future!
Brian and Devon provided a great balance of theory and practical tools to apply with clients. Highly enjoyable course with lots of learnings.
Nicola Campbell Spirited Leadership, New Zelalnd
The Somatic Awareness Course enhanced my disposition as a leader and coach to be more aware and mindful about the interconnectedness of the head, heart and belly and that sensations that emanate from each help as individuals to make informed decisions on how we engage with others around us and have much deeper conversations.
Wonderful experience--a new level of understanding of my body, and my relationship to its awareness.
Understanding the physiology or somatic helped me to gain greater access to and to connect with the centers of intelligence. I also found the demonstrations and opportunity to practice what we were learning during class incredibly impactful.
Devon and Brian are very good at explaining sometimes complex topics in easy to understand terms.
Great introduction! Excellent materials and a well-organized group program. Faculty is well grounded in the material and the flow of each session went really well done. I would recommend this to any coach wanting a powerful introduction or deepening to Enneagram informed somatic coaching.
This was a wonderful introduction to the wisdom and voice of our embodied being. Faculty was amazing together. It was seamless how they went back and forth without missing a beat.
Devon and Brian have a true depth of knowledge regarding somatics and their work with the students models brilliantly effective work with clients.
The course helped me gain a deeper understanding for somatic work in coaching and why it's so effective and important.

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