“I enjoy working with Ipek and the Enneagram tool and have done so in several settings: 1:1, small team and whole department . Through knowing and understanding my Enneagram type I have developed a better understanding of myself especially some instinctive reactions and patterns. As a result I have been able to recognize these reactions early , change course and to free me up to develop an authentic leadership style that has made me a more effective and motivated leader . In addition it has taught me how to be more resilient and better manage stress. I would highly recommend Ipek and the Enneagram workshop to any individual and team!” – C.L., Senior Vice President of major Biotech Company

Ipek Serifsoy is an executive coach and organizational consultant specializing in leadership, leadership communication, team development, and women’s leadership. She completed her Deep Coaching Certification in spring, 2014. She helps clients increase their leadership presence and ability to motivate, influence and inspire others. Working at both the verbal and non-verbal levels, and attending to both one’s internal experience and external world, she helps clients attain greater authenticity, wellbeing and effectiveness, especially in environments of rapid change, volatility, ambiguity and uncertainty.

Ipek holds a PhD in Organizational Systems and MA in Psychology from Saybrook University. Her doctoral dissertation, titled The Leader’s Muse, investigated the connection between aesthetic sensibilities and leadership. In addition to the Enneagram, Ipek works with numerous assessment instruments including: Signature Strengths, Inner Saboteurs, and LJ Map (a values survey). She has completed numerous coaching programs and also spent a year engaged in post-graduate studies at NY Theological Seminary. In addition to her is consulting work, Ipek facilitates an Interpersonal Dynamics course at Stanford Business School. Ipek is the President Emeritas of the Deep Coaching Institute. She holds an Associate Certified Coach credential (ACC) from ICF.

Areas of expertise:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Consulting
  • Women’s Leadership
  • Team Development

“I came across The Deep Coaching Program after 20 years of experience as an executive coach. Given my commitment to learning as a lifelong endeavor I was seeking new ways to hone my craft. However, I was very surprised to discover that at this point in my career I would find a development process that was so life-changing! Both in terms of my personal development and in terms of what I can now offer clients, DCI has provided a rich array of tools and capacities that enable accessing and operating from our wiser, more powerful and more compassionate Essence.”  Ipek Serifsoy

Ipek’s October, 2018 Interview with Forbes Magazine

Ipek’s Dissertation, December 2011

Location: Mill Valley, CA, USA
Website: www.isconsultingco.com
Email: ipek@isconsultingco.com