“Initially, I chose to work with Samuel Schindler as a coach because of his basis in inner work, Diamond Approach, and Enneagram of Personality. I quickly found that his presence, attention, and application of principles is deep and productive. Often it was as though he wasn’t even there, supporting me to connect to Being and guidance within myself. I recommend Samuel’s coaching to anyone looking to connect to his own being, and allow the guidance of Being to actualize in life.” – J.S. Publisher, New York


“Come Closer to Yourself” Personal Development Coaching

Samuel is a Personal Development/Life Coach with career background as a public sector Human Resources Professional specializing in complaint mediation and conflict resolution. His coaching draws on depth of personal and professional life experiences including teaching, training and employee coaching in culturally diverse settings. Samuel offers wholehearted support to others in the journey towards realizing growth and development in their work and personal lives, as well as guidance to meet the obstacles that arise on the way.

Samuel’s commitment to this work is inspired by his own inner explorations, as well as transformations witnessed in his clients. Deep personal work has capacitated him to shift from life experience often limited by anxiety and other constrictions to recurrent contact with vital strength, courage and a felt sense of expansive life. He holds this work as one of awakening together, discovering truth and guidance within the coaching dynamic as the consciousness of both coach and client impacts each one and the other.

Samuel has extensive background and study in the Diamond Approach Path’s Presence-anchored work and the Enneagram’s dynamic system of personality types with its Centers of conscious intelligence – belly/instinctual, heart/feeling and head/thinking. As your coach, Samuel employs body–based inquiry practices to guide you into greater contact with your immediate, felt experiences of sensation, feeling and quiet mind knowing to discover hidden truths, uncover obstacles to growth and access your inner guidance. His heartfelt interest is to support, guide and companion you into your unique experiences of Presence – True Nature/Spirit itself as You – often perceived as a palpably felt ‘isness.’

Samuel experiences that our awareness and openness to the power of Presence enables access to essential qualities for living our lives such as strength, will, compassion, love, and joy. These qualities arise in one through the practice of inquiry and afford essential support to meet life’s challenges, fulfill one’s heart and realize a greater sense of inner autonomy.

Areas of Focus:

  • Personal Development and Life Coaching
  • Spirituality
  • Relationships/Communication
  • Conflict Resolution


  • MA in Multicultural Education
  • Enneagram Teacher Certification with Helen Palmer and David Daniels
  • Deep Coaching Certification*
  • Many years of Diamond Approach Study

*The Deep Coaching Certification Program is a registered trademark of the Deep Coaching Institute.

Contact Information

Location: San Francisco, CA
Language: English, Spanish
Phone: 415-297-0021