“Time invested in Renée’s coaching program allowed me to listen deeply, understand myself/others with compassion, and live with intent. I have become stronger and more sustainable in my capabilities and capacities at work and at home. The transition period into a new job and living abroad could not have been a better time to engage Renée. The six-month coaching program began with a set of thought provoking questions to gain clarity about my life and expectations. Her program doesn’t end with self-awareness but it continues on as a form of active learning that transfers awareness to behavior change. Not only do I know better, but I actually live better.” 


Renée is a human and organizational performance consultant, and executive and lifestyle coach who is deeply passionate and committed to developing more conscious organizations, leaders, entrepreneurs, and human beings who love themselves, live their lives and lead their organizations and communities with greater presence, intention, care and flow.

She has been transforming organizations, teams and careers of talented and ambitious professionals, entrepreneurs, changemakers and executives for over 20 years in over 40 countries in the biotech, pharmaceutical, technology, service, consulting and non-profit industries. Her own career included a five-year executive expatriate assignment in Switzerland leading the Learning and Organizational Development Organization for Roche-Genentech’s largest division supporting 15,000 employees world-wide.

She is also a recovering work-a-holic and action junky that left her $1,000,000/year executive role in Biotech to give herself a genuine shot at doing work in the world that mattered most to her heart, and do to that work without sacrificing the whole of her life. Today she runs her own global coaching and consulting practice out of California with one intentional focus on women in leadership.

Renée sees her clients as growing human beings who have an important life purpose. Every time they make a commitment to become more aware, to honor our potential, and to follow through on their commitments to self and others, they open possibilities for the world to support us far beyond how they even imagined.

She creates space for them to listen to themselves more deeply. At some level, they already know what is right for them. Renée helps them to listen to themselves with more curiosity, truthfulness and trust to either sit with or act upon what they discover or becomes more clear.

Self-observation and self-reflection are two fundamental practices her clients learn to master. They are foundational to their coaching program and key to a life of continuous growth and development.

Areas of Focus:
Renée coaches all types professionals, executives, leaders and teams. Her speciality is working with clients who have a specific challenge in one or more of the following areas:

  • People who may love their life but are craving more enrichment and satisfaction
  • Executives working in global and matrix roles
  • People who are making or desire to make a career transition
  • Leaders in transition (new company or role)
  • Professionals taking on global or international roles or transitioning back from expat assignments
  • Women in leadership balancing the needs of work and life
  • Women who feel called to do something more but can’t find the space or voice to pursue it



  • M.S. Degree, Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Certifications and Assessments:

  • PCC (Professional Certified Coach), International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Life and Executive Coach (New Ventures West and Deep Coaching Institute*; International Coaching Federation accredited)
  • Deep knowledge of the Enneagram and application in individual and team development
  • Deep expertise in team and interpersonal dynamics
  • Certified in Foundations in NeuroLeadership, NeuroLeadership Institute
  • High Performance Leadership Coach (#1 ranked executive program worldwide by the Financial Times), International Management Development (IMD) Executive Education
  • Emerging Women Power Circle Facilitator

*The Deep Coaching Certification Program is a registered trademark of the Deep Coaching Institute.

Contact Information

Location: Sacramento, CA
Phone: 650-452-0185