“Nicola’s take to coaching is truly holistic and considers the whole person. It has helped me articulate my professional vision and future direction, which I am now bringing to life. Uncovering such a deep sense of purpose has been truly transformative. ” – Vicki


Nicola works from Auckland, New Zealand. She is an experienced leadership coach and mentor, team coach and facilitator with skill in supporting people in high-level personal and professional learning.

She has been studying Jungian and psycho spiritual psychology for over 20 years and this, coupled with learning by doing and on-going intensive professional supervision means she has integrated a great deal of wisdom which she is able to bring to her practice.

She finds the Enneagram to be exceptionally useful in helping people understand personality patterns and how they limit their own potential. As one client commented recently “It is rare that you read things like this that are 100% on the money. My reaction to reading it took me by surprise.”


Certifications and Assessments:

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Contact Information

Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: 021-264-4392