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Melissa is committed to partnering with clients who are ready to come home to the wisdom of their body and live from a place of embodied presence.

After witnessing countless women give birth as a birth photographer, Melissa likes to think of herself as a spiritual midwife. Someone who holds space, reminds you to breathe, and directs you inward to your body’s innate wisdom and strength. Through this sacred process, and according to your own timeline, you will deliver your body’s deepest knowing. The answers are already inside of you. Watching you wake up to them feels miraculous.

Melissa uses the enneagram as a tool to expose the parts of us that we have relegated to the shadow; the parts of us that are wounded, defended and for the most part subconscious. We cannot change what we refuse to see. The enneagram gently illuminates what we are reluctant to see in ourselves, empowers us to hold those parts with compassion, and then heal from the deep woundedness that has kept us stuck for most of our lives.

After struggling to find herself on the enneagram for years, and being mistyped by several coaches, Melissa finally found her core type, and was shocked at the depth of personal work that was uncovered. For this reason, she is passionate about mistyping, and has worked tirelessly to bring clarity and accuracy to the typing process, both as a teacher and as a coach. Melissa is being mentored by Suzanne Dion. She offers typing sessions for clients, and teaches typing training courses for enneagram coaches.

Melissa has an entrepreneurial spirit and carries that spirit into her coaching and other life engagements. After receiving a life science degree, Melissa was a free-lance photographer focused on lifestyle photography for individuals and corporate clients. In her spare time, Melissa started a nonprofit using photography and social media to supply subsidies and medical care for the homeless in northern CA. Melissa has also taught in church ministry for over 20 years.

Melissa is a teacher, speaker, podcaster, and ICF certified coach. When she isn’t obsessing about the enneagram, she can be found exploring the red rocks of Southern Utah, teaching the teenagers at her church, and making sourdough for her husband and four boys. (Who will never not be hungry.)


Education / Credentials / Areas of Specialty:

  • Certified Deep Coaching Professional*, Deep Coaching Institute
  • AssociateCertified Coach through ICF (International Coaching Federation
  • Religious trauma / Faith Transition
  • Somatic Coaching
  • Women in Leadership / Sacred Feminine

*The Deep Coaching Certification Program is a registered trademark of the Deep Coaching Institute.

Contact Information

Location: Cedar City, UT