“When life presented me with many obstacles including, an explosive boss, elderly parents with major illnesses and the challenges of managing a busy home life with teenagers, MK, as my life coach was a compassionate listener with intuitive qualities that put you at ease. She has extensive expertise in drawing out the deep issues that lie within all of us and uses the Enneagram as a tool. This tool and her expert coaching were the key to my success in letting go of lifelong guilt. Furthermore, I gained an in depth understanding of my personality and how to deal with others with different Enneagram types. Overall, I would highly recommend Mary Kathryn as an experienced and dedicated coach.” – Midlife Mother


Mary Kathryn (MK) Holbrook is a Certified Relationship Coach, Educator and Founder of Relationship Learning Network. MK has been educating and coaching clients for over 25 years to help them achieve greater success and joy in their life, work and relationships.

Life, Relationship and Work Coaching and Education
Whether it is to make a dream come true, manage a life or work transition, find a soul mate, deal with conflict with a spouse/partner, manage difficult people or situations at work, or improve leadership or team skills, Mary Kathryn (MK) is committed to helping her clients find greater joy and success in their life, work and relationships.

It is MK’s philosophy that having positive, healthy relationships is one of the key ingredients to our overall happiness and success in life. Yet, as important as relationships are to our well-being, we can get stuck in certain patterns that inhibit deep connection with ourselves, our romantic partner, our friends, family, our co-workers and business partners. In addition, we may be faced with numerous challenges, obstacles, events and life and work transitions that may impact our relationships. While others may have encountered similar issues, we recognize that your issues are unique to you, your situation and your life experience.

Coaching Approach
MK’s approach allows her clients to feel respected and safe discussing their issues and concerns. She uses her ability to tune into her clients to help them get to the heart of the matter and the root cause of the issue. Naturally inspirational she has helped numerous clients attain their dreams and goals and overcome difficult situations in relationships, life and work.
For her one-on-one clients, she uses a variety of assessments, education and coaching techniques and tools, including the Enneagram and Presence to provide a customized solution that best meets the needs and goals of her clients.

For those wanting a group learning experience she offers live and online webinars, workshops, group coaching and support groups.

Corporate Background:
Mary Kathryn has several years of corporate business experience working for national and international companies as well as start-up companies in a number of business management roles including Learning, Sales (Corporate, Distribution, and Retail Sales), Operations Support, Market Management, and Customer Service. She has a proven track record of effectively developing and executing learning and coaching strategies to foster a high-performance culture. Recognized for her solid business acumen and passion for developing talent, she has been able to develop leaders, employees and their teams to successfully execute and deliver on concrete business objectives. In addition, she has provided consulting services to corporate organizations.


Certifications and Assessments:

  • Certified Deep Coaching Professional* (CDCP) – Deep Coaching Institute
  • Certified Singles Coach – Relationship Coaching Institute
  • Certified Couples Coach – Relationship Coaching Institute
  • Certified Family Coaching – Relationship Coaching Institute
  • CTI’s Coach Training Program – Coaching Training Institute
  • Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching Fundamentals – Centre for Right Relationship
  • Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching in Relationship Intelligence, Systems Geography, Relationship Path and Systems Integration – Centre for Right Relationship
  • Authorised Facilitator – Team Coaching International
  • Accredited Practitioner of Team Management Systems (TMS) Suite of Assessments – TMS America

*The Deep Coaching Certification Program is a registered trademark of the Deep Coaching Institute.

Contact Information

Location: Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Phone: 416-231-5930 (Toronto) 1-855-405-5339 (Toll Free)