“I’m so grateful for every conversation that I have with Keady. Overcome with confusion, anger and pain for months after a travesty of circumstances at work, I was stuck in a swirl of negativity and regret. By asking gentle and insightful questions and guiding me to be curious around the situation, I was able to attain a clearer understanding of my role, energy and ability to not only move past this but also how to manifest the change and improvement that I wanted to see in myself and in my life. This transformation to a happier work life came to me very quickly and painlessly – thanks to Keady.”


Keady is a Certified Deep Coaching Practitioner and Leadership Coach who has a passion for developing embodied heart leaders. She compassionately guides individuals and leaders to cultivate self-awareness, a growth mindset, and integrated action-taking skills through a presence-based approach to lead wholeheartedly and effectively. Keady is a Master Certified Mentor with the Deep Coaching Institute, is certified in the Leadership Circle Profile (360 Feedback) and Collective Leadership Assessment through The Leadership Circle, and has 25+ years of experience as a corporate leader in the Biotechnology industry.

Keady believes that leadership is not about a title or role, it’s how we show up for ourselves and others. She helps her clients to embrace all of who they are by becoming more aware and present with their reality and discerning between who they think they should be and who they truly are. Keady’s clients appreciate the non-judgmental, safe, trust-filled space that she creates to allow for personal exploration, self-discovery, and true transformation.

Are you ready to change how you experience work and life? Keady will:

  • Provide the safe space you need to do the healing work
  • Guide you in cultivating the awareness you need for the changes you crave
  • Express in a way that helps you discover your authentic self
  • Help you access your deeper intelligence and intuition
  • Help you connect to your life and work more deeply
  • Help you understand your deepest desires
  • Become the leader you know you can be

Keady’s passion for creating a world where all people thrive within their true nature is matched only by her love for her doggy, creating music, and doing anything that takes her outdoors.



  • Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education, area of concentration Human Movement Studies, San Francisco State University

Certifications and Assessments:

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Contact Information

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA