“During my sessions with Dr. Van Zino, she has provided me with insight that has led me to interact more effectively with my medical providers. Her excellent medical research skills have supplied me with information I would not likely have found elsewhere. She guided me to look deep within myself to seek comfort and innate wisdom to help me deal with my challenging and changing circumstances. In doing so, Dr. Van Zino has always treated me with uncommon kindness, dignity, and respect. Dr. Van Zino is clearly dedicated to her work. I believe that the unique combination of her outstanding qualities has enhanced my healing experience.” – Linda Pasqual, EsQ


I grew up in rural New Jersey where my love of nature grew into a fascination with life’s diversity and potential for change and renewal. After many travels and adventures as a teen, I studied Science and Literature at Arizona State University and graduated with highest honors being named top female scholar of my class.

At Stanford Medical School I embraced both the exciting new medical advances as well as my work directly with patients. My postgraduate work convinced me of the clinical direction of my path.

My first practice as an old fashioned family doctor taught me the art of medicine. My subsequent years of primary care practice in Pleasanton, CA gave me the experience and skills to be a physician caring for the whole patient.

In 2007 I closed my beloved practice and have spent these past years exploring new ways in which to bring my knowledge and passion as a healer and teacher to others. Throughout my career I have observed a deep longing as individuals search for a deeper meaning in their lives, both personal and professional. How to meet this need led me to my current work as an author, speaker, teacher, consultant, and coach.

In 2012 I completed Deep Coaching training which taught me coaching skills emphasizing Awareness and using the Enneagram as a powerful framework with which to gain insight into personalty’s grip on behavior. I studied extensively with the Enneagram Institute becoming, in 2014, a Certified ‘with Honors’ Enneagram Teacher. I have come to see the Enneagram as the simplest, clearest, and most useful tool I have ever used when working with people. As a map guiding an individual to deeper insights into ‘how they tick,’ the Enneagram offers a profound body of wisdom into understanding self as well as others.

While I continue to work with patients Consulting on up to date medical issues, my consultations focus on an exploration into the impact and relationship of a person’s medical challenge in their lives.

In 2018 I published “Midnight’s All A Glimmer – Poetry, Personality and the Power to See” an anthology of poetry organized around the nine personalty types as described by the Enneagram. My work has helped me as a coach and other coaches as well to have fresh and innovative to help clients to understand themselves.



  • B.A. in Biology Arizona State University, Summa Cum Laude
  • M.D. Stanford Medical School

Certifications and Assessments:

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Location: San Francisco Bay Area
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