“Coaching with Julia Carrington was very relaxing, comforting, and motivating. Using the Enneagram, she helped me learn about who I am and how I function, as well as how to optimize my life based on my personal Enneagram type. She helped me develop healthy habits to manage my stress and obligations, and she helped me organize and plan for my final year of university and the beginning of my career. Because of her coaching, I am now much happier with myself and confident in my abilities, and am better prepared for my life.” – Zackary C.


After a decade of dedicating herself completely to theatre and education, Julia began to feel pulled in a different direction. She was being called to something new but she did not know exactly what. Finally, she asked herself the question, “When I am 80 years old, what legacy do I want to have created?” She realized that she wanted to help others navigate the twists and turns of life and create paths to authentic, wholehearted joy. Thus her journey as a life coach began.

Julia is a life coach that aims to act as a guide, support and cheerleader as you work toward growth and goals. In a coaching session together you will deepen your awareness of yourself, others and the world around you. Julia is passionate about helping others get curious so they can build the life they want instead of letting life happen to them.


  • Professional Communication Certification
  • BA in Musical Theatre
  • BA in Theatre Education
  • MA in Theatre Education
  • Deep Coaching Certification*

*The Deep Coaching Certification Program is a registered trademark of the Deep Coaching Institute.

Contact Information

Location: Houston, TX
Email: juliamcarrington@gmail.com
Phone: (713) 516-4363