“Janet’s work is both delicate and powerful. She has a skill for guiding one, through a heart centered approach, into a deeper understanding of oneself. She took me on an inward journey and helped me open up in a time when I was really struggling to accept myself and life. She masterfully referred to the structure of the enneagram throughout this journey, which provided many incredibly useful “ah-ha!” moments. I recommend her work to anyone who wants to experience more grace and understanding of themselves. — L.H.”


I have a natural ability to hold space for others and a deep faith in our potential to grow. We are all dappled in shadow and light, evolving exactly as we can. Through presence and deep acceptance practices, what is holding us back becomes potential. It is an honor and pleasure to support people in exploring and manifesting their best lives. The enneagram is an amazing map and unity tradition. I use it both in transformational and creativity coaching.



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