“My longtime coaching experience with Barbara has contributed to significant growth and understanding about myself. She is very insightful, knowledgeable and practical in her approach. She has guided me to realize that the challenges at work and in my life are, in fact, opportunities for growth.

I know there are many skillful Enneagram teachers and coaches, and Barbara is one of them. She has a natural talent for understanding Enneagram wisdom plus she is exceptionally skillful at guiding clients to implement practices to acquire experiences toward desired results. The guidance Barb provided to me to enhance my personality level of health was profound. The skills and behaviors I have acquired are invaluable at both a professional and personal level. Barbara is truly an amazing coach and person because she practices what she asks clients to “try on” and her willingness to be vulnerable is admirable. It is difficult to find words to express my gratitude for the opportunity to learn from her.” – M.M. Mercy Hospital


I created Studio Me Unlimited x 9 to wholly support you in the exploration, first and foremost, of having an authentic, vibrant relationship with yourself. An unwavering relationship with yourself will allow you to experience meaningful choice for relationships with people, places, vocation, objects and ideas during your precious lifetime.

Self-mastery is attractive and brilliant! It’s about enhancing yourself. It’s a challenging, exhilarating personal inquiry to explore your personality, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and values that impact how you work and live. It’s an exploration of where you put your attention. It’s an evolution and maybe even a revolution from the inside out to employ your exquisite human capacity. The process of cultivating self-mastery unfolds differently for every individual. Wise and vibrant humanness is my vocation and passion.



  • Masters – Training and Learning Technologies
  • B.S. – Secondary Education Home Economics

Certifications and Accreditations:

  • Coaching – Deep Coaching Institute*
  • Coaching – Adler School of Coaching
  • Member ICF (International Coach Federation)
  • Member IEA (International Enneagram Association)
*The Deep Coaching Certification Program is a registered trademark of the Deep Coaching Institute.

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Location: Durango, CO
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Phone: 970-749-2607