“The strategies you gave me were so effective in overcoming my anxiety and everything went so smoothly that I almost forgot how nervous I had been to go [to the event]! It was EPIC! So I wanted to share how much that meant to me, and how much I appreciated how much you were able to help. In our short time together, I’ve learned so much about myself and feel like I’ve grown a lot as a person. I’m looking forward to continuing our Enneagram / coaching sessions and I really appreciate everything.” – Nicole McGillis


Anna is a certified Life and Enneagram Coach and co-founder of Spirit & Spear. She is dedicated to guiding people into alignment with their truest nature so they can discover a deeper purpose and experience fulfillment in all areas of life.

Her own self-discovery process began in 2008 after years of struggling with depression and feeling like something was missing. She attended the Journey Practitioner Program, where she first discovered the Enneagram, later followed by several courses and certifications like Body Talk Life Sciences, the Demer’s Group Professional Coach Certification, Enneagram training with the Enneagram Institute, as well as becoming a Certified Enneagram Coach through the Deep Coaching Institute.

Combining all the tools she has gathered over the years, along with firsthand experience, ancient wisdom, spirituality, and common sense, Anna uses a coaching process of self-discovery through inquiry, reflection, and deep listening. She coaches with the belief that you are creative, resourceful, and whole. Consequently, she believes that you have your own answers within you and her job is to support you in accessing your truth to find the most effective answers for yourself.

The coaching process is an opportunity to unwind old perceptions and patterns that no longer serve you and to clearly identify your values, purpose, and innate gifts, which will lead to a true understanding of who you are. From this newfound understanding, you will begin to make decisions that are aligned with the values and life purpose that you have articulated.

As your coach, Anna creates a safe space for you to explore your inner landscape. She will acknowledge you for exactly who you are, celebrate your courage and authenticity, and support you to practice new ways of showing up to reach what you long for. Her ultimate goal is to assist you in finding more harmony, joy, intimacy, energy, abundance, and success in every area of life.



  • Business, International Exchange Program, University of Alberta
  • Business, French, English and Linguistics, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Interior Design Diploma, Lakeland College, Alberta

Certifications and Assessments:

  • Certified Deep Coaching Practitioner, Deep Coaching Institute*
  • Enneagram Part 1, The Enneagram Institute
  • Personal Power Apprenticeship, The Demers Group Core Alignment
  • Professional Coaching Certification,The Demers Group Core Alignment
  • Conscious Coach Certification
, The Journey Visionary Leadership Program
  • Journey Practitioner Certification
  • Body Talk Life Sciences (Breakthrough 1 & 2, Mindscape and Freefall)
, The International Body Talk Association
*The Deep Coaching Certification Program is a registered trademark of the Deep Coaching Institute.

Contact Information

Location: Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada
Instagram: @spiritandspear