“In particular, with being more self-nurturing, I am able to provide more anchored leadership … I have become calmer, and clearer in delegating responsibility.” – DDG: Department of Environment Affairs


Alicia has been coaching for 13 years and stands for the POSSIBILITY OF ALL LEADERS EMBRACING THEIR PURPOSE AS THEY LEAD WITH INTEGRITY. Her clients are primarily senior leaders, in the public, private and not for profit sectors. Her primary clients are black women leaders whom she coaches towards becoming powerful forces of radical self-acceptance and positive change at the workplace, and in the world.

She is the founder of Nurturing-Growth Trading, a leadership development and coaching company, into its 11th year of rendering professional coaching, training and consulting services. She is one of 3 qualified Deep Coach practitioners, in Africa, certified through the Deep Coaching Institute, an Enneagram based advanced coach training school, based in New Mexico, USA.

As a seasoned, and professional Coach, she nurtures individuals and team potential. She works with a special focus on developing personal leadership styles, and towards cultivating greater self-management, in accelerating optimum results. She facilitates complex diversity conversations and coaches’ leadership teams to excel.

She is also a qualified Enneagram Assessor and Teacher under the astute guidance of the late Dr David Daniels and Helen Palmer (Stanford University, California State). She enjoys the personality typing exploration and especially that moment when the light goes on as someone recognizes his or her dominant personality style; including recognizing their strengths, possible limitations and some blind-spots.

Alicia has been described as an extraordinary Coach and Teacher and a coaching journey with her holds the promise of genuine self-discovery and accessing authentic, inner and external power, and resilience, as her clients grow into becoming positive influencers at the workplace, in particular. Former clients have reported to experiencing greater clarity of mind and an ability to lead others with integrity.

Areas of focus:

  • Leadership development
  • Personal Growth
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Coach Supervisor
  • Deep Democracy Conflict Resolution Facilitator
  • Professional Facilitator
  • Leadership Seminar Leader



  • BA Social Work (UWC, South Africa); MA Theology (Colgate Rochester Divinity School, NY. USA)

Certifications and Assessments:

  • Certified Deep Coaching Practitioner (CDCP). June 2013. The Deep Coaching Institute*. USA
  • Certified Meta Coach (Executive Coach) with the International Society of Neuro-Semantics. (ACMC-ISNS). 2008
  • Coaching with the Enneagram. Ginger Lapid Bogda. 2011
  • Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition®. (David Daniels and Helen Palmer, California. 2012
  • Organizational Systems at Work. ORSC. 2012

Additional Coaching Training:

  • VIP Leadership Institute, Accredited by Unisa. (2005)
  • Business and Life Skills Coaching.
  • People – SA: Coaching Leadership. (2007)
  • Coaching Essentials: & Coaching Genius.

Professional Facilitation & Conflict Management Training:

  • Process Facilitation Training: I trained under Dr Stephen Schuitevoerder, the former VC of the Process Work Institute (Portland, Oregon). USA. (2005 – 2011)
  • Facilitation training with Thiagi. (Sivasailam Thiagarajan. Ph.D.)
  • Bloomington, IN. USA. (2008)
  • Train the Trainer Certificate Programme – based on Bringing out the best in Yourself at work, with Ginger Lapid Bogda. (2012)
*The Deep Coaching Certification Program is a registered trademark of the Deep Coaching Institute.

Contact Information

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Phone (o): +010 900 4043
Phone (c): +27 82 922 1294