Deep Coaching Certification Program Questionnaire

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Thank you for your interest in the Deep Coaching Certification program. This questionnaire is the first part of your application. To complete the questionnaire, please answer all required questions then click the "Submit Questionnaire" button at the bottom. Thank you.

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7a. Please select your dominant Enneagram type (if known).*
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10a. Please tell us how you heard about this Deep Coaching Institute program (choose as many choices as applicable).*

13. For Question 13 a-d, select one client whom you have coached (or are currently coaching), and describe your work with this client in the following ways:

^^ Please note, as with any program that focuses on deep internal exploration, you may find latent trauma being triggered as you go through the Deep Coaching Certification program. If this is a concern you may consider letting a therapist know of your participation and that you may need counseling over the ten month period. Separately, you will have the support of the Deep Coaching Institute Faculty, Mentors and Staff throughout the program.