“What sets Lauren apart is the way that she approaches you as a wholistic individual- bringing focus within your thoughts and feelings to realize a deeper truth. I’ve found this approach to be not only extremely effective in addressing development areas, but have seen the resulting positive impact on my professional and personal life. Lauren is invaluable when it comes to helping one to achieve what matters most to them.” – E.C.


Lauren is a leadership and life coach who believes that truly transformative personal work is not about changing who you are; it is a process of loosening the grip of beliefs and habits that have obscured the real you. She teaches corporate leaders a new approach to personal development that is free from self-criticism and pushing. In her sessions and workshops, she creates safe spaces where clients can learn and practice how to witness their inner life, have compassion for every part of who they are, and create more choices that amplify their unique gifts.

She most often works with leaders who are moving through a personal or professional transition. They may be looking for a new role or wanting to feel more engaged and resilient in their current position. The process of creating meaningful change in their lives includes examining their strengths, the places where they get stuck, and the deeper questions that drive them. The benefits of this supported self-exploration are choices that can result in a more aligned, fulfilling career and life.

Lauren is inspired to support these executives because she walked a similar path. During her 14 year career as a manager in biotechnology, she was driven to excel and grow but took critical feedback too personally. Getting married and becoming a mom to two little girls accelerated her personal development and taught her to value work life integration and self-care like never before. While looking for new tools, she became a yoga teacher, meditation instructor, Enneagram enthusiast, Licensed Desire Map Facilitator, and certified coach. All of this experience and education informs her work as she supports her clients to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Areas of Focus:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Women’s Leadership
  • Purpose, Legacy, and Transition Clarity
  • Integrating Spirituality and Work
  • Self-compassion Practices



  • B.A. Molecular and Cell Biology, U.C. Berkeley

Certifications and Assessments:

  • Certified Deep Coaching Professional*, Deep Coaching Institute
  • Center for Creative Leadership Assessment Certified
  • The Desire Map Licensed Facilitator
  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification, Yoga Tree San Francisco
  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification, Janet Stone Yoga
  • Relax and Renew Yoga Teacher Certification, Judith Hanson Lasater Yoga

*The Deep Coaching Certification Program is a registered trademark of the Deep Coaching Institute.

Contact Information

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA