“Pam is a guide, friend, muse and channeler all in one. When she is working with you, prepare to be held in a complex knowledge framework holding multiple perspectives. You will leave transformed, with increased self-understanding. Your previously invisible patterns will become seen. These are essential steps to becoming the next, better you. Highly recommended.”
– Kimberley Theresa, EdD, Spiritual Philosophy Teacher/Mentor + Yoga Studies Institute co-Founder/Executive Director


Transformational Life Coaching is her passion, joy + Soul’s Life Purpose

Pamela has been a Transformational Life Coach, Enneagram Teacher and Certified Archetypal Consultant for over 10 years. She holds master level coaching certifications from the Deep Coaching and Caroline Myss Institutes. She also has a certification from Enneagram Worldwide and is a “Fire Keeper” for The Deep Living Lab, meaning she shares responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the organization’s core learning and wisdom as it moves into the world through its emerging practitioners. Her Soul Path Guidance™ approach results in your ownership of the insight and courage required to answer your Soul’s calling.

She works effectively along a person’s SoulPATH™ — the intersection of where Ego + Soul meet

This intersection is symbolized through The Enneagram and Soul Archetypes or Soul Contracts. The distinctive journey she guides you along is yours alone. It is deep, personal work activating awakened, alive access, to your whole self. She personally experienced this awakening to and journey through the intersection when she started on her personal Soul Counseling path. She continues to do this work herself as it has become a way of being for her. It will for you too.

As a result of working with Pamela, people who desire real transformation go from feeling powerless and experiencing a restlessness in their life to releasing autopilot patterns that hold them prisoner and journey toward an empowered, deeply connected, penthouse version of their precious life in this modern world.

Sweet Devotion

When our Soul reveals itself to us, we are given glimpses into the dark because our truth runs like rivers through the darkness. With the practice of turning down mental chatter and grounding into our bodies, our attunement to our interior becomes razor sharp and gives our heart space to be heard. With the sweetest devotion to illuminating darkness, we realize we are capable, at any time to do that of which we dream. Our bodies hold secret codes that assist in uncovering our inner treasure. You will learn to trust in this personal process as we work together.

She has been featured in the “Give Love” documentary, “Journey Forward” podcast and “Your Healthy Living Radio Show” which highlights her signature program, SoulPATH – the intersection where ego + soul meet – activating awakened, alive access to your whole self.

Pamela deeply believes in the experience of healing, the phenomenon of transformation, existence of grace and profound difference that every single human being can make in this world.

There are a few moments as brave as deciding to take the first step. Pamela offers a free 20-minute Clarity Call designed to help you reveal the areas you want to grow, discover whether we are a good fit, and get a grasp on what coaching will offer you.

Areas of Focus:

  • Coaching: Executive, Career, Personal and Relationship (individuals or teams), Mastermind groups
  • Spiritual Guidance: Certified Soul Archetypal Consultant
  • Teaching & Consulting: Enneagram, Yoga, Acting, Dance
  • Business: Sales, Marketing, Project Management



  • B.B.A

Certifications and Assessments:

  • Master Certified Deep Coaching Professional – Deep Coaching Institute
  • Certified teacher of the Enneagram in The Narrative Tradition – Enneagram Worldwide
  • Certified Archetypal Consultant – Caroline Myss Educational Institute (CMED)
  • Facilitator and Enneagram Coach at Deep Living Lab
  • Acting teacher and master coach specializing in the Sanford Meisner + on camera techniques
  • Mentor at The Deep Coaching Institute
  • Certified Yoga & Meditation instructor (RYS 500)
  • Strong foundation in business – BBA / 25+ years corporate sales & marketing
  • Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

Contact Information

Location: Palo Alto, CA
Phone: 415-297-3576
Instagram: @soulpath_guidance
Facebook Group (free): Wisdom Warrior Womem

“My time with Pam provided tremendous movement forward in my life, which had been stagnant for far too long. Mine was an incredible experience of gentleness, acceptance, and tremendous power. Pam helped me to truly see myself and gain acceptance for every part of my experience. I literally went from being stuck in my past, lamenting my losses, completely unhappy, and feeling like a victim of my own choices and of life… acceptance and even appreciation for my past, focusing in the present more, allowing space for pain, love, forgiveness, hope and joy, and finding myself looking toward a future empowered. I was trapped for at least 6 years … and felt freedom come to my life within 6 session with Pam. I will forever be grateful!” – Counselor (Enneagram Type 2)