“I loved working with Moira while I was completing the DCI certification program. She was such an example of presence for me. She flowed with me and directly yet gently called me on my fears and type fixation of wanting to know the “right” way. She held me without judgment and helped me relax into trusting my own presence, experience and intuition. I felt renewed and more confident after each session.” – N.F. San Francisco Bay


I love to work with people who want to keep growing in self-awareness and presence and I have found that anyone with an interest in the Enneagram brings those qualities to our coaching.

The thread in my life and work has been my increasing love of depth, consciousness and truth. Moving from being a labour lawyer for more than 20 years, to becoming a mediator and then a Deep Coaching practitioner, has been a journey of deepening my understanding of the human condition, conflict and relationships. I experience my journey as one of discovering what really matters and embracing new awareness and that is what I see in my clients as well.

I am trained and certified by the Coaches Training Institute as well as the Deep Coaching Institute. I completed the Enneagram Institute training program and have studied the Enneagram extensively. I am in the Diamond Approach and am a long-time meditator. All of this supports my own presence and the way I connect intuitively with my clients.



  • BA English and Philosophy
  • LLB – Law Degree
  • LLM – Masters in Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Certifications and Assessments:

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Location: Canada
Phone: 416-209-5053